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31 August 2012 @ 10:39 pm
[sticky post] Welcome ♥  
Welcome to konbannu a community for all Nakajima Yuto fans. Here you can post everything about Yuto, be it info or rumors, something downloadable (video, audio, picture, etc), your own work (fanfictions, graphic, etc), or just simply flailing. All are welcome here. This community is brand new, but all of the posts are locked for member only, you need to join to see all of the posts. We mods want all of you to feel as comfortable as possible here, so please don't hesitate to PM one of the mods if you need anything.

Step to join:
80894357e95b19e04f6604624274e74eRead The rules HERE if you have any question regarding everything, please head to FAQ page first :)
80894357e95b19e04f6604624274e74eHead to membership request HERE

All of you can read about Yuto's trivia HERE

Sorry before, I ask all of you to introduce, but we, the MODs haven't introduce ourselves yet XD
this comm has 3 MODs, me (nakaluphran ), cwit (sweet_pleione ), and Emii (emiichan )

lj user: sweet_pleione
Nickname: Cwit
Where are you from: Yutopia land *whacked* she still bitter we can't use Yutopia for comm name :p
Since when You've fall for Yuto: Almost 2 years ago, maybe? Don't really remember since when, I just know that I fall for him, hard
Why you love Yuto: Because he's Nakajima Yuto. Do I need to explain why I love him when he has all the reasons for me to love him. He's my personal sunshine, he's the source of my inspiration, he's practically the center of my world as of now. *and not so secretly I have neck fetish over him* she is our leader here

lj user: nakaluphran
Nickname: ran
Where are you from: Indonesia and Yuto lalaland for sure
Since when you've fall for Yuto: maybe 3 years ago. bless Mayonaka and his shadow for this lxhainio_thumb
why you love Yuto: at first, it's his face and then, I don't really know why I fall for him, hard. I love him because him I guess all of you understand what I mean XD

lj user: emiichan
Nickname: Emina or Emii
Where are you from: Malaysia (currently resides at Nakajima Island because I love Yuto and Raiya so much now)
Since when you've fall for Yuto: Known him since Nobuta wo Produce but my heart starting to doki-doki for him since temp. HS7
why you love Yuto: For obvious reason in the beginning; his face and his height (I have things for tall people). But now, everything he do make me love him more; whenever he laughed, smiled, being dorky, being serious and etc, my kokoro can't stop pounding for him. Yuto is being unfair. while he was making all the natural gestures, many fangirls died include me XD

Let's flail together ♥♥
fyi, こんばんぬ (konbannu) is a phrase Yuto used to greet fans on the radio.
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