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31 August 2012 @ 10:39 pm
Welcome to konbannu a community for all Nakajima Yuto fans. Here you can post everything about Yuto, be it info or rumors, something downloadable (video, audio, picture, etc), your own work (fanfictions, graphic, etc), or just simply flailing. All are welcome here. This community is brand new, but all of the posts are locked for member only, you need to join to see all of the posts. We mods want all of you to feel as comfortable as possible here, so please don't hesitate to PM one of the mods if you need anything.

Step to join:
80894357e95b19e04f6604624274e74eRead The rules HERE if you have any question regarding everything, please head to FAQ page first :)
80894357e95b19e04f6604624274e74eHead to membership request HERE

All of you can read about Yuto's trivia HERE

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Let's flail together ♥♥
fyi, こんばんぬ (konbannu) is a phrase Yuto used to greet fans on the radio.
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21 January 2015 @ 08:27 pm
Back with few Weekender icons requested by angelofhikari :)
I was having so much fun screencap-ing some of the moments and ended up making a bunch of icons orz.

The gif icon is applicable for LJ so don't worry about the KB limit.
Feel free to use but DON'T CLAIM them as yours.
Hope you guys like it and enjoy!


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28 August 2013 @ 07:37 pm

With this post, we have successfully completed our first graphic contest for konbannu~! The poll ended on 26th August at 12.00 AM (I did check this but I had stuff to do on that day) so yeah, we have our winners :)

sound of drumrolls

The 3rd place goes to~
sakuradrops007 Ara from Philippines :)

2nd place goes to~
ashiya25 Isha from Malaysia :)


the winner aka 1st place goes to~
reecheru Rachel from Indonesia :)

Congrats to all the winners /clapsclaps/
Thank you for the lovely and pretty graphics, you guys were great!

→ Of course, since we only have 3 submissions; every contestant got the prize.
→ Honorable mention will start early September for every winners.
→ We want to express our gratitude to those who voted, those who supported the contest and most important, to those who've joined. Thank you!
→ We hope to conduct something like this again in the future to strengthen our bond as member of konbannu since we had a great time when this contest was conducted. And hopefully, more people will join because the merrier the better~! ★

p/s: To all winners, I will personally contact you guys regarding the prize and other stuff so please make sure your DM is open to public.
18 August 2013 @ 05:12 pm
Hi guys~!
So, the very first graphic contest for konbannu had just ended yesterday.
It's time for the poll, yeay :)

First off, I want to thank everyone who participated the graphic contest. Even though not many joined but it was our first try for the community so it was a big achievement, considering we are one year old. Thank you very much! ♥

The contestants did well and I'm amazed with all the entries tbh. As for the polling, I won't revealed the original maker here since it will affect the contest result. I'm positively sure the name is somewhere hidden in the submission but I hope you guys won't try to find them. However, the makers are allowed to tell their friends which graphic is theirs, but please don't post your name in this entry as an advertisement. It's a matter of opinion, not a popularity contest and I would like everyone to have a fair chance.

This poll will decide which banner we're going to have for the next layout, so when you choose, please keep in mind that it's not about what your friends like, but what you like best. As for the wallpapers, it's for your own personal use :) Since this is a pairing graphic, there is no option "I like banner contestant 1 but I don't like the wallpaper, I prefer wallpaper contestant 2". Sorry ;A;

The poll is anonymous, which means I am basically the only person who can see who voted for which layout and I won't be the one telling your friends you didn't vote for them or for something they liked.

Last but not least, have fun~!


  • Contestant 1

  • Contestant 2

  • Contestant 3

The poll is open from 18th August 2013 to 25th August 2013 (one week duration).

Poll #1929597 poll 01

Which graphics do you like the best?

Contestant 1
Contestant 2
Contestant 3

Feel free to share your opinion in the comments and happy voting!
10 August 2013 @ 02:39 pm
Just got back from a village without wifi

Finally, our dearest boy has reached 20 years old!
I have lots to say but words alone are not enough. Then again, is there any word that can describe our Yuto? He is just too awesome for us. Thank you for exist in the world, thank you for bringing light into our life, thank you for being Yuto :)


Post anything here that related to Yuto's birthday; wishes, freebies, gifs, etc. We all know how awesome Yuto is so spread the loveee~! Oh, make another post if you are planning to share graphics (icons, banners, wallpapers), fanfics and downloadable files. 
06 August 2013 @ 09:47 pm
Hi there Yutoholics~!
How's life? Hopefully everything goes well :)

Just some notice, the deadline for our first graphic contest has been postponed from 10th of August to 17th of August (17/8/2013) due to some circumstances. The mods are literally busy with real life now and it's hard to online between 9th to 12th of August. So, we decided to prolong the deadline :)

Meaning to say, you guys still have lots of time before the deadline~!
We still need more contestants for the contest and don't be shy, just send your graphics to us.
Newbie or not, this is the time to shine and do something for our beloved Yuto ♥

We are looking forward to see more submission by 17th so good luck :D
Konbannuu~! ☆

Hi, it's been a while. How are you guys? Me? I'm great, thanks for asking. Haha.
Okay, I will stop mumbling. So, we have something for you guys. Well, more like you guys have something for us and in return, we have something for you guys... okay, I'm getting confused by my own statement there orz.


Yuto's hatachi and konbannu first anniversary is coming (both on 10th of August yo!). Because of that, we decided to hold our very first graphic contest to celebrate both. You guys are very, very welcome to join this contest since there will be prizes for winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd place that is fufu). Also, winners will have special mention in this community for the whole month or so :D Well, don't worry; it won't be that tough since making graphic is fun (at least for me). Details of the contest is written below, please have a look.

Special ♥ 1: I will upload lots of Yuto pictures (mostly papapics) but don't expect much since I collected them from various resources; there will be HQ and LQ. This will be part of Yuto and konbannu celebration :3 Will make another post so look out for it :D

Special ♥ 2: For the first time in konbannu, we will have Yuto's themed cursors~! Cwit will make it exclusively for us so yeay! And also, there will also be translations for some magazine and Waiwai vol. 3 from her. Stay tuned :)

Special ♥ 3: Good news, Ran will upload all Showa Heisei show for you guys! But since it is video, she will take some time uploading them so link will be up after 10th August (or could be later) but this is her treat for Yuto and Konbannu's celebration. /throws confetti/


♫ Graphic: It is a pair graphic! A banner and a wallpaper
It doesn't have to be same design, can be different but I suggest both have same flow or concept. Well, it's up to you. BUT, make sure you have word "konbannu". After all, it is for the community.
♫ Meet the size requirement
Banner; width: 750px, height: 300px - 450px (which ever suitable)
Wallpaper; width: 1280px, height: 720px
♫ Theme: Freestyle
There is no define theme so use your imagination to do whatever you inspired :)
♫ No watermarks
To be honest, it's okay to have watermark but make it visible to you only; I don't know how to explain this but yeah, you know that the graphic is yours when you look at it.
♫ No cheating or copying
DO NOT USE OTHER PEOPLE GRAPHIC. The graphic must be made by you. If I found you violated this one, you are automatically disqualified.
♫ One person, one submission
Which is why, put your heart and soul into making the best graphic that you can :) Not just to win the prize but also to have 100% satisfaction.
♫ Send your submission through my PM or my email : yuu.famiena[at]yahoo.com. The title is kakkoii yuto so I know you read this conditions till the end.
♫ Be sure to have fun~!


1st place
- 4 photos of Nakajima Yuto (4R size)
- 1 Yuto fanmade lamp
- One whole month special mention on this community

2nd place
- 2 photos of Nakajima Yuto (4R size)
- 1 Yuto fanmade lamp
- One whole month special mention on this community

3rd place
- 1 photo of Nakajima Yuto (4R size)
- 1 Yuto fanmade lamp
- 15 days of special mention on this community


Deadline is on 10TH OF AUGUST 2013 (10/8/2013). Mark your calender, makers!
♫ Poll will be open from 11th of August to 17th of August (one week duration)
♫ Winner will be announced on 19th of August. Yeay!
♫ There will be Eid Mubarak on 8th August so we might not following the schedule but we will try our best to fit those dates.

*prizes can be changed without notice, depends on situation
*sorry guys, we don't have drums, earphone or sneakers to give lol /do you guys get it? hehe/
*special mention is we advertise your lj/twitter/tumblr/blog (whichever you prefer) on this community's sidebar

If there's any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment or directly PM any of the mods (make sure yours is public so we can reply back).
Thank you for reading and have fun!
19 June 2013 @ 01:57 pm
minna-san, i need your help~~!
for my last presentation class in this year, i want to share about Johhny's & japanese language in front of my classmate....
so please, help me to fill the poll.....


sorryif i distrubing with this entry *bow*
First time making icons for these group whom I've come to love recently xDD Hope you like them~! :)


More here at  kyleeers
20 December 2012 @ 07:33 pm

Hi guys~!

Sorry for not posting this last month, as you may know or may not know; your mods were (and still are) busy with RL stuffs. Cwit is busy with her work, Ran is having graduation ceremony and I just done with my final project for this semester~! Okay, enough with this. Let's get down to business!

So, monthly flailing post is here~ As usual, this post is solely for Yuto's fans to talk with each other. Be it for hobbies, interests, fetish or even for what you did today! in this post, feel free to reply everyone comments, don't hold back your self, and we hope you could find more friends to talk with :)

As starter; I can't wait to watch Share House No Koibito! I really love Yuto but I'm happy to know that Kawaguchi Haruna will play a role as Yuto's girlfriend there :) Can't deny, I was a bit jealous but my happiness defeats everything lol. Yuto's character name will be Tsuyama Nagi (tbh, I prefer something manly name like Fuka or Haru orz) but he is beyond handsome in the drama CM.


What do you guys think?
Lastly, feel free to talk about anything Yuto-related. Have fun ♥